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Buying Tickets? Choose Wisely

Note: When you buy our Film Festival Pass, you will still need to get tickets for the individual films you wish to see. Write down your login information and save that password so you aren’t charged twice!

You will need to pick up your physical tickets in person at Ely's Historic State Theater during the festival. This is how we keep an accurate count for each screening. If you aren't in your seats by the start of the screening, your tickets may be sold to someone else.

Film Festival Pass - SALE ENDS Jan 31st, 2024


Best Value

1x free ticket to each film event (25+ screenings)

 Free access to passholders breakfasts, after parties and other festival events

 Free access to all panels & workshops

Discount on T-shirts

Disclaimers: You will only be able to sign up for 1x Film Festival Pass per email address. If you wish to reserve more than one Festival Pass, you will need to use separate email addresses. We have added Double Pass and Group Pass options for your convenience. Click through to read more -->

[Additionally, you will still need to reserve your seats for each movie screening event. Look out for an email with further instructions. Tickets go on sale in January!]

Individual Films


  • Best option if you can only make it for 1-2 screenings
  • Does not include other perks

Note: Individual Tickets will go on sale in January