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Short Films Block

Showtime: Fri, Feb 9th @ 10:05 AM

Synopsis: Storytelling is the way knowledge, lessons, and teachings are passed on in Indigenous cultures. These stories take us back to our roots and share the values of our communities, local and abroad, using a variety of techniques.

Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Ginew Benton.

Supa Hair


After the death of her mother, Luna and her sister, Carmen move from Dominican Republic to Arizona to live with their estranged grandmother. There, Luna is confronted with bullying and her sister's cold shoulder. At this point, Luna has neglected her hair as a manifestation of her grief. One night, Luna decides to comb her hair with an old comb she found in the river in the Dominican Republic prior to her exit...

Shells of Wisdom: Lessons from Ajijaak


When Tatanka, the guardian of the river of life, becomes weak Grandmother Moon calls upon the help of Ajijaak to spread the Shells of Wisdom to all humankind so Tatanka can be given strength.



NiiSoTeWak translates to “walking the path together”, and Cree traditional teachings claim that although identical twins are born with two separate bodies, they share only one heart. Through the eyes of spirited ten-year-old Inninewak (Cree) twin boys, Tapwewin (Speaking Truth) and Pawaken (Totem) explore and question the essence of their Being in relation to the world and people around them...

"Waynaboozhoo and Bugwudjinini: A Lesson from The Mishomis Book"


A father reads to his son an excerpt from the Classic Ojibway Book, The Mishomis Book, Voice of the Ojibway to teach a traditional lesson.

Madweyaashkaa: The Waves Can Be Heard


With images of the Grandmother moon (Nokomis), fire, earth, water, and the jingle dress dance entwined in swirling colors, Madweyaashkaa is a debut animated film by Moira Villiard, which invites viewers to embark on an introspective exploration, reminding us that our roots are always within reach, awaiting our embrace.