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Complexity of the Human Condition

Short Films Block

Showtime: Sat Feb 10th @ 12:20 PM

Synopsis: This collection of shorts is wide in its range of topics and social outreach. The films tell of how we seek connections with one another, how necessary education and access are to building a good life, how our families can drive an outsized hobby, and how in spite of aging, the need for sexual intimacy endures.

Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmakers in attendance.

Everything I Learned When My House Burned Down


omedian Jacy Catlin was living the simple life in his remote log cabin in rural Wisconsin, eking out a living as a comedy writer and self-producing numerous comedy shorts. One fateful February, on the coldest day of the year, a fire in his wood stove spread out of control, and the house and all of his family’s belongings were destroyed. After the smoke had cleared, he returned to his former home to shoot one last comedy film...

Really Good Friends


In a hotel room, a woman in her 60s shares a surprising and provocative story of longing and unlikely connection.

Tiny Titanic


A Minnesota family discovers they have some unusual connections to the Titanic. They decide to honor the ship by building a miniature replica in their front yard.

Me. My Eleven Years. War.


The film "I am. My eleven years. War" is the debut film of a young director (11 y), actress, swimmer and dancer from Ukraine, Marusya Shuvalova. The short film shows an ordinary day of a ukrainian girl during the war with the Russian occupiers. Her life is filled with fear, air raids and a great desire to learn, train, develop, and most importantly, stay alive...

Banana Triangle Six


A day in the life of an elderly gentleman, Hank Crute, as he deals with the trials and tribulations of a resident of Spring Valley retirement home, bad food, conniving females and an unexpected Doctor's visit.

Places for People: Safer 6th Ave East


6th Avenue East is a relic of the former highway system that divides the Hillside neighborhood and is set to be reconstructed within the next ten years, with a chance to test new designs starting in 2024!

Literacy for Freedom: Empowering Black Boys in Minnesota


My producer Keenan Jones is a rare commodity, a Black man teaching in Minnesota. Out of over 63,000 teachers in the state just over 200 are Black men. 34% of school children in MN are persons of color. What Keenan has seen as one of those few Black men in education is a system that is failing to serve youth of color, particularly Black boys.



From the filmmakers behind EATING UP EASTER, comes a new experimental short documentary investigating an ancient burial practice on Rapa Nui. Traditionally, the death of someone in the community marked a time of mourning and taboos, as the body was dried and burned behind the ceremonial ahu of the megalithic moai...