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Spirit of Powwow

  • Showtime: Thurs, Feb 8th @ 5:05 PM

  • Runtime: 40:00

  • Directed By: Jon Wesselink

  • Rating: GA

  • Genre: Education


Amidst tragedy and hardship, discover the enduring Spirit of Powwow as Nibinamik fulfills the wishes of those who have passed on. "Spirit of Powwow" is an awe-inspiring tribute to tradition, resilience, and the eternal bond between past, present, and future.

Explore the profound significance of powwow ceremonies for Nibinamik First Nation in "Mamow-Bimadiziwin (Spirit of Powwow)." This captivating documentary reveals its transformative impact on culture, empowerment, and sharing wisdom.

Mamow-Bimadiziwin means roughly "to live a good life" in Ojibwe.

Director Bios:

Jon Wesselink, an award-winning filmmaker from Thunder Bay, Canada, humbly weaves stories that unite hearts and minds. With a passion for documentaries and a mission to expand collective consciousness, he embraces empathy, fostering understanding one project at a time.