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Sins of the Father

  • Showtime: Fri, Feb 9th @ 7:50 PM

  • Runtime: 01:42:00

  • Directed By: Vanessa M. H. Powers

  • Rating: GA

  • Genre: Women in Film, Horror, Drama


After the death of his father, Aden and his mother, Sarah, find themselves responsible for the sale of his family home - a place they thought they’d left behind. When Sarah’s friends arrive to help, the task seems almost manageable. However, as they clear out the house, they uncover secrets in Sarah’s past and the sinister nature of the cultivated community Aden was raised in…. And his father’s family is not so eager to let the sins of the past go unpunished.

Screening followed by Q&A with the film's director Vanessa M.H. Powers & Producer Abigail Capaul.

Director Bios:

Vanessa M. H. Powers is a prolific and award-winning film director who has been making films professionally since 2011. Her company, the Oxford Comma Film Cooperative has tackled topics ranging from hysterical to heartbreaking, spanning almost every genre you can think of. Vanessa and her team have consistently delivered character-driven, thought-provoking, and stylishly told stories, with just enough Midwester flair to make you say ‘ope.’ Her works have been seen in festivals across the country and around the globe, and she even has 2 feature films, ‘Keepsake,’ and ‘Witch,’ available on