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Ojibwa Warrior

  • Showtime: Fri, Feb 9th @ 12:20 PM

  • Runtime: 01:28:30

  • Directed By: Marie-Michèle Jasmin-Bélisle

  • Rating: GA

  • Genre: American history, indigenous, american indian, native american

Sponsored By:

Sponsored by Waawaate Programs as part of our Indigenous Students Day Program. The screening will be followed by a panel on the American Indian movement, featuring community leaders and others who were connected to the original movement leaders.


The year is 1968. Nowa Cumig, better known by his English name Dennis Banks, has started a movement with a few friends that would soon make ripples through history : the American Indian Movement.
The taking of Alcatraz, the Custer Riots, the B.I.A. takeover, and the Wounded Knee siege are all events that have since marked the rise of indigenous rights in the United States. Leonard Peltier, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Russell Means, the Bellecourt brothers, Sacheen Littlefeather... all names that would go into the history books. But where did Dennis Banks -or Nowa Cumig- get this fire to lead the fight? What came before these events, and most importantly what followed them?
This film endeavors to look at the bigger picture by opening a door into the life of one of the most influential men in Native American history, using archival footage from films such as "Last Stop Before Wounded Knee" and " The Drum Will Never Stop", photographs by Richard Erdoes and excerpts from his and Dennis’ book, “Ojibwa Warrior”. The film is narrated by actor, artist and activist Michael Horse.

Director Bios:

Montreal film director, cinematographer and artist Marie-Michele can often be found in seascapes, deserts and urban jungles between her home, California, New Mexico and Japan. She catches the light working across the cinematic platform using dance, surrealist narratives, film-poems, immersive dreamscapes and branded fashion, collaborating with indigenous artists, Japanese spiritual singers and other creatives around the world. Recent accomplishments include solo shows in Montreal and Tokyo, screenings at the International Symposium of Electronic Arts, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and film festivals from Indonesia to Germany, Australia to Italy, Brazil, England and the US. Recent wins include 'Best film' (Tracce Cinematografiche, Italy) and ‘Best Cinematography’ (Arte Non Stop, Buenos Aires) for her short ‘Helix’ as well as 'Best female director', 'Best Cinematography', 'Best Series Pilot' and a nomination for 'Best featurette' for her period drama 'Women of the West’ at various fests. Her work can be found at the NYU Film and Video center, the Smithsonian, the Cinema Guild and has been licensed by A+J and Vice Media.