Short Films Block

"Memento Vivere Shorts"

Showtime: Sun, Feb 12th @ 1:30 PM
Screening followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.
Films that in their brevity, range from charming bits of whimsy and fun, to the more profound. They span the touchpoints of life, loss, love and memory. Several rites of passage stories provide painfully gained wisdom and a sense of belonging to carry into the future. The aching need to document generational truths, traditions and insights, is deeply human, and these films celebrate that need.



A woman is awash in long-term grief over the death of her husband until she meets the living recipient of his heart...

Love, me


What seems like the end is only the beginning of a young lady's journey through life and love...

Perfect Pair


A sock chases after their partner after being separated in the wash...

The Sea Never Forgets


An old man tells his grandson an unbelievable story from his life as a much younger man...

Something About the Stars


Something About the Stars is a short, animated, poetic documentary that depicts my memory of looking at the stars in the Cook Islands. Through silhouette stop-motion, this film explores the juxtaposition of the reality of memory versus the perception of memory...

Speaking of Pastors


In the afternoon in the Tea-Room, two acquaintances meet by chance after a funeral. How do the two relate to each other? Is it only the coffee and the cake that connects them, or is it more?..

Memento Vitae


A person rifles through photographs, selecting a few. A few of these images are then added to the page of a photo album. Ambient highway and bird sounds fill the air...

Wish You Were There


An older couple on a first date at the art museum explores love both new and old...

The Poachers


In 1952, ten friends bought a ranch fifty miles north of the small mining town of Chisholm, Minnesota. For over half a century they returned every weekend. Traditions were established and passed from one generation to the next. The whole world changed, but the Poachers' Shack remained...

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