The Hand That Feeds

  • Showtime: Thurs, Feb 9th @ 8:00 PM

  • Runtime: 01:41:53

  • Directed By: Blair Smith

  • Rating: MA

  • Genre: Horror

  • Filmmakers In Attendance

Screening followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.


Russel, mid thirties, has wasted his whole life. Devoid of purpose or ambition, all he has to claim as his own, is the bar left to him by his father, a father who never approved of him. All seems to be moving into a positive light for Russel, until he realizes what lives in the loft about the bar. A Blood Demon roams and lives with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh and blood. Inherited by Russel, along with the bar, the two seem to form a strange “pet and owner” like bond. All is well, as long as the Demon is fed. The only problem... Finding human entrees proves to be a continuous challenge. Russel does his best to keep his demon at bay. But as these things go, Russel finds that looking after a man eating demon proves to be more than he can handle. Trying to balance personal relationships, manage a bar, and appease the blood thirst sends Russel on a gore soaked downward spiral of events that all will surely find humorous yet disturbing all at the same time. The Demon grows curious of what lies beyond the loft. The suspicious bar guests grow curious of what secrets Russel keeps upstairs. His new girlfriend becomes an accomplice, and Russel is left wondering all along... Is this one of dad's sick jokes? Purpose and ambition, after all, are no longer a matter of choice... but survival.

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